March 11, 2015 02:00 PM

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When it comes to Disney, Tina Fey‘s family doesn’t discriminate.

“I love Disney and my two girls are fully immersed in the lifestyle,” the actress tells PEOPLE.

“From princesses — Frozen of course is a really big deal — up to Disney X D, it’s really popular in our house.”

The love Penelope Athena, 3½, and Alice Zenobia, 9, have for the movies couldn’t be more perfect for their star mama: her latest project is narrating DisneyNature‘s new feature film, Monkey Kingdom.

“When I was first approached about it, I immediately said yes because I enjoyed the earlier specials with my daughters,” Fey, 44, explains.

And not to mention there are some pretty adorable primates in the movie. “My favorite monkey was Grandpa. He’s really old — well, he’s 40 and in monkey world and in Hollywood that’s really old,”she jokes. “He’s really cute.”

But when it comes to her work, Fey keeps her philosophy simple. “I always try to pick things by, ‘Is this a movie I would want to see?’ ” she says. “Whether it’s me as an adult or it’s me with my kids, it’s nice to do stuff that your kids can see, but also I would totally skip out of work to go see this on my own.”

And one added bonus about doing voice over work? “You can do it in your pajamas and you don’t have to comb your hair,” Fey jokes.

“The filmmakers have done all the hard work of getting this beautiful footage and then you can come in and talk about [it] and you get to be a part of the movie.”

Monkey Kingdom is in theaters April 17.


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— Emily Strohm

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