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September 26, 2008 02:00 PM

The blow of any injury — in Tiger Woods‘ case, knee surgery — would cause any professional athlete anxiety, but for the 32-year-old pro golfer, he looks at his recuperation time "as a blessing as well as a curse." While the restrictions put on Tiger when it comes to playing golf can seem quite frustrating, he is instead focusing on the positive: the unusual opportunity to stay at home with his family. With his wife Elin pregnant with their second child — due in late winter — and a growing 15-month-old daughter, Sam Alexis, Tiger knows that this time in his life is very special and he couldn’t be happier to be able to witness it all. "It’s wonderful, being able to stay home and be with my family," says Tiger, who admits that he is normally "away from home for more than half the year in total."

Having grown up bilingual herself in Sweden, Elin feels that it is important for her children to learn not only English, but Swedish as well. With Elin only talking to her daughter in her native language and Tiger speaking to Sam in English, the couple feel that she will quickly catch on to the two, but are curious as to what accent she will eventually develop! Says Tiger,

Source: Svensk Golf

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