September 11, 2014 05:30 PM

Her best friend just became a big sister — and now Harper Smith wants to be next in line for a sibling.

In an exclusive interview with online magazine Sweden With Love, Tiffani Thiessen admits she wanted her daughter to hit that milestone several years ago, but when another White Collar star announced she was expecting, the actress put her own plans on hold.

“We were going to try two years ago because I was thinking I’d like them to be three years apart, but my costar on the show got pregnant,” says Thiessen, who is slated to begin filming for her new cooking show, Dinner at Tiffani’s, in the fall. “I thought I couldn’t do that to the show. So we ended up waiting.”

Courtesy Elizabeth Messina

Harper may soon get her wish. Thiessen and her husband Brady Smith are “definitely trying” to expand their family — and no one is more excited than the future big sister.

“She puts more pressure on me than anyone! Every day she begs me to have a baby,” Thiessen, 40, shares.

“Every morning she wakes up and says, ‘Is there a baby in your belly?’ She thinks it grows overnight while we’re sleeping. Then she looks at me and says, ‘You’re not growing a baby, Mommy!’ “

But has that magical moment — when Thiessen will finally be able to give her little girl the answer she’s been waiting for — already arrived?

“I don’t think so!” she admits. “I would feel it and I don’t feel pregnant right now. With Harper, it happened right away so I’m hoping it’ll be as easy this time around.”

Courtesy Elizabeth Messina

Whether it’s now or in the near future, the proud mama says one thing is for sure: Her daughter will shine with a baby brother or sister.

“I think she’ll be great. She’ll turn into a little mommy,” Thiessen explains. “She’ll probably have her moments not loving it, but I think she’ll be pretty helpful. She’s a secure kid.”

And a “very high-spirited” one, according to the actress. “She doesn’t stop until she’s completely worn out. She’s a very active little girl,” she explains.

But while her 4-year-old‘s strong will can be “challenging at times,” Thiessen refuses to completely tighten the reins.

“I don’t ever want to quash her spirit … We have boundaries and we have rules, but we’re not crazy strict,” she explains. “We want her to grow up to be both a respectful and happy person.”

Courtesy Elizabeth Messina

Photographs by Elizabeth Messina.

— Anya Leon


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