Ticche & Bea: Design and make a doll with your child

One of the most fun parts of mothering a 2-year-old is thatshe is finally old enough to work on real crafts. Prior to becoming a mom I had a lot of timefor knitting and other crafty-type stuff but these days you’ll usually find mepouring glitter onto some new design or another with my daughter Catie. I am fine with this because there is reallynothing I can make on my own that will have as satisfying an outcome as workingon a salt-dough mold with my daughter. Partof the fun of crafting as a mom is watching your toddler’s delight as you hangthe newest project up somewhere around the house.

I am always looking for inspiration and new types of craftsand recently I received the Design-A-Doll from Ticche & Bea. Now this project is recommended for kids 8 andup because it involves needles, pins, scissors and whatnot, but I loved theconcept so much that I thought that I would work on it myself as my first,post-motherhood, alone craft.

The Design-A-Doll kit is designed to teach your childhow to sew. With the kit, s/he will beable to create the doll’s hairdo, choose her facial features and make an A-linedress and a pair of pants. Technically,a child over the age of eight should be able to do this project on their own(with mom or dad’s help for the ironing on of the facial transfer). The kit comes with all the materials, including a namingcertificate and kid-friendly directions. It also comes with an accompanying DVD withstep-by-step instructions for how to make the doll.

Originally I thought I would give it a go without the DVDbut I quickly popped it into my laptop. SinceI am a working mom I made my doll in the evenings after Catie was in bed. Iliked that the DVD had chapters that I could fast forward to so that I couldpick up where I left off the day before. In total it took me 4 days to do the project. Not bad for a 30-year-old!

My doll came out super cute and was really easy to make. I think I had my iron setting on too highwhen I transferred the facial pattern because I messed it up and ended uphaving to pick a different one (not a terribly big deal but I liked the browneyes and full lips the best). I could see an eight-year-old having a great timewith this and maybe even a child who is a little bit younger if they are reallyneat with cutting and glue and would let you help with the sewing.

Another great product from the company is the Baby Clothes Quilt Kit. Basically they send you a kit with all the materials you need to create a quilt out of your favorite baby clothes (the ones that you just can’t part with — everyone has a few of those). Even better, if you can’t sew, you can send it back to the company and they will sew it up for you for an extra fee. Score! The quilt comes in double size too. The Baby Clothes Quilt Kit became so popular that the company recently debuted the Memory Quilt Kit.

As for my doll, she was a huge hit and often gets rides in Catie’s stroller. I’m glad I was able to find a craft that I get that same kind of reward from despite doing it on my own.

Check out the entire memory making selection at www.TiccheandBea.com.

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