Thomas Rhett Says Daughter Willa Gray, 5, Loves Music: 'It's Just a Really Neat Trait to Possess'

The country music star shares three daughters with wife Lauren Akins, who is expecting the couple's fourth child in November

Thomas Rhett Instagram
Photo: Thomas Rhett Instagram

Thomas Rhett's daughter Willa Gray is his musical mini-me.

During a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight, the country music star, 31, opened up to the outlet about his 5-year-old daughter and her love for music.

"Every time I go to my studio, she just watches me walk downstairs. She was like, 'Are you going to your studio? 'I'm like, 'Yeah, you wanna come?' She's like, 'Yeah,' and we'll just go down there and make beats together and I'll play the guitar, and I'll just hand her the microphone and she'll just freestyle," Rhett explained. "It's unbelievable."

Voicing his joy that his eldest daughter is showing a love for music at an early age, the "Die a Happy Man" singer also said that he hopes his other children will share the same passion one day.

Thomas Rhett, Lauren Akins family
Thomas Rhett, Lauren Akins and their daughters. Thomas Rhett Akins/Instagram

"I want them to fall in love with music. I'm not trying to convince any of them to do what I do for a living, but I do think that if I can impart any wisdom on the classics or even just knowing how to craft a song, I think it's just a really neat trait to possess in life," Thomas Rhett explained. "And if they love it naturally, they got dad here to somewhat help them coach that."

"I love getting to watch them enjoy something that I enjoy as well, so it'll be cool to watch them get older and see what they like," the proud dad said of his daughters.

Last month, Thomas Rhett showed off his daughter's musical talents on his Instagram page, sharing a recording of what he called the "very first song that she ever wrote."

In the sweet father-daughter video, Thomas Rhett asks Willa what she'd like to title the track. After the young girl bashfully whispers something, Thomas Rhett tells his daughter, "You wrote it! What do you wanna call it? Willa Gray's First Song?"

"Here we go," he then says, introducing the tune to his fans. Featuring an upbeat tempo, the track begins with Willa singing, "You don't have to do nothing for yourself" before she continues, "Your name is Willa Gray / I wanna come to play."

Willa then name-drops some of her favorite playmates, including Florida Georgia Line singer Tyler Hubbard and wife Hayley Hubbard's two older children: Olivia Rose, 3, and Luca Reed, 2.

She also appears to give a shoutout to sisters Ada James, 4, and 19-month-old Lennon Love — both of whom, like Willa, Thomas Rhett shares with wife Lauren Akins.

"With Liv and Luca / Lennon, Everleigh and Adaline," Willa adorably sings. "Anybody doesn't have to go home / You can spend the night with us."

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While chatting with ET, Thomas Rhett also opened up about his fourth child on the way — another baby girl!

On how his wife was feeling, the star said, "She's okay. Lauren has — her pregnancies every time, she's just nauseous a lot, but she's such a trouper and such a fighter and such a champion."

"And we're just getting really close to the point of like 'I just wish we could have it today,' " he said of the baby on the way. "So, I guess 6 more weeks and we'll be ready to rock."

And according to Thomas Rhett, he and Akins, 31, already have a few names picked out for their soon-to-be newborn.

"This has been hard, just because you put so much thought in the first one, and second one and the third, and you're like, 'Well we have to spend a lot of time on this one as well,'" he said. "And so we've gone back and forth and thinking about state names, thinking about flower names, thinking about places that we love, could that resonate into a name? So we've landed on a couple."

"Georgia is my first choice, I love the name Georgia for a girl," Thomas Rhett revealed.

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