This might make me a believer in astrology

I am a true skeptic and don’t believe in luck, psychics, the paranormal or astrology but reading this post I wrote back on March 28, 2004 (yes, almost 3 years ago!), makes me wonder! These astrology predictions came true, sort of.

  • An astrologer for the Calgary Sun predicted:
  • "Denise [Richards will have] a hard time havingCharlie [Sheen]’s second child" – her pregnancy was fine (as far as we know) but Denise filed for divorce from Charlie when she was six months pregnant– I would say that qualifies as having a hard time having his second child
  • -"Angelina [Jolie] gets her adopted girl" – Angelina adopted Zahara Marley in the summer of 2005
  • "DemiMoore gets pregnant with Ashton’s child — sadly, she loses it" – this was never confirmed but there were rumors swirling that Demi became pregnant and miscarried in July 2005
  • -Where he went wrong was predicting that Kylie Minogue would wed French actor Olivier Martinez in June 2004 in Barbados, followed almost immediately by a pregnancy announcement. They have neither married or made a pregnancy announcement.
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