These are a few of my favorite things

Here is a list of my recommendations for must-haves for baby. Many of these items are things I had or wish I had.

Nursing pads: Lansinoh (thin, contoured, absorbent), LilyPadz silicon nursing pads
Nursing bras- Le Mystere, Grenier, Anita style 5075
Pump: I had the Mustela Pump in Style Advanced but if you work full-time, consider renting a hospital grade model.
Bottles: Dr. Brown wide bottles (if you breastfeed, these have a wider nipple that is more like the breast)
Bottle dryer: Skip Hop Splash

Newborn diapers: Pampers Swaddlers
Huggies (best for diaper blow-outs) or Pampers Cruisers
Wipes: Huggies, Noodle & Boo cleansing cloths
For diaper changes on the go: Patemm Pad and Skip Hop Pronto
Mirror for the changing area

Sling: Rocking Mama
Pouch: Peanut Shell, Hotsling
Hip carrier: My husband liked the Playtex Hip Hammock
If you have a Baby Bjorn, get a Baby Bjorn cover from Baby Bella Maya

Baby clothes

Carter’s onesies that have no tags
Babystyle’s clothes run wide and long
Petit Bateau run small
Bonpoint onesies have no tags, run small
If you live in a NYC apartment with steam heat, you will need lots of onsies for the winter and footy pajamas for the fall and spring.

Announcements and stationery
Tiny Prints and Buttercup Kids

Diaper bags
Fleurville Sling, can be carried messenger or tote style
Skip Hop Dash and Expo
For dads: Guys Infant Gear bags

Swaddle designs swaddling blanket or thin, square blanket

Fisher Price Swing – a LIFESAVER in the early weeks and months
Bumbo seat
Tiny Love Gymini playmat
Tiny Love mobile
Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper – better than a bassinet because it keeps baby closer to you
Umbrella stroller: Combi Cosmo DX
Regular stroller: Bugaboo Frog, Baby Jogger City Series

After delivery
Ice packs
Donut for postpartum sitting
Dermoplast (but not antibiotic kind because it will burn)
Bring perineal squirt bottle home from hospital to use on the toilet

Dr. Sears, The Baby Book, The Breastfeeding Book
Harvey Karp, The Happiest Baby on the Block
Elizabeth Pantley, No-Cry Sleep Solution
Dr. Ferber
Baby Bargains
Lila Guide

New Beginnings (La Leche League magazine)

Tiny Love Double Sides book
Tana Hoban, Black and White books (great for newborns)
Goodnight Moon board book
The Going to Bed Book board book
Pat the Bunny

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