FLATOUT Bear: The most delicious bear

I’ve just discovered the most delicious teddy bear- the FLATOUT bear. Soft, cuddly and flat, the FLATOUT bearis made of 100% pure Australian sheepskin shaped like a teddy bear.It’s It’s available in 6 colours – milk, honey, latte, chocolate,licorice and koala grey. At $50 each, it’s the ultimate modern luxuryteddy bear that is actually affordable.

Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee just sent the owners ofFLATOUTbear a note saying how much they love the bear they have fortheir little girl Ava. This is the same bear that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes put on their registry at Petit Tresor in Beverly Hills as reported on Hollywood Access on December 9.

Sarah Jessica Parker said, "My son was sleeping and I reallystruggled with the question of whether I had the strength of characterto give it to my son rather than keep it for myself." I have toagree- is it wrong to keep the bear for myself? Must I sacrifice everything for my daughter?

Jennifer Garner also has one as does Princess Mary of Denmark.

You can buy the FLATOUTbear at any of these US shops but also online at www.peanutbutterandlili.com.

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