Former Friends star Courtney Cox-Arquette admitted to People that she and her husband, fellow actor David Arquette, have every intention of having a second child. As we reported last month, the couple has recently had blood tests in preparation for their second go-round at IVF.

"We’re hoping it will happen," She said. She added a few days later, "We’re thinking about it."

The couple already have one daughter, 2-year-old Coco Riley, who the actress gave birth to right before her 40th with the help of in vitro fertilization. Courteney says they plan to go that route again, although she says, "It drives you crazy with the hormones."

One question: Will baby #2 for the Arquettes also be god-child #2 for Jennifer Aniston?

Source: People – Read the entire article there! Photo posted by permission of People Magazine.

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