The Wupzey: Less mess at mealtime

Have you ever fantasized about getting a dog just so you’d no longer have to clean up the mess around the highchair? Do you find yourself spending way too much time on your hands and knees wiping up every tiny morsel of food that somehow missed your baby’s mouth during mealtime? Are you mopping your floor more in a week than you did in an entire semester at college? Is it driving you as crazy as it drives me?

When I was asked to review the Wupzey — a food catcher you attach to your high chair — I jumped at the chance. Our 1-year-old Sam has pretty much destroyed our dining room rug. He’s what we call an enthusiastic eater with poor aim. Every meal was a disaster. And then we got our Wupzey!

Created by Johanna Romaniuk, a California mom, the Wupzey is a semi-circle shaped piece of 100% rip stop nylon. The Wupzey comes with several adhesive-backed Velcro squares that you affix to the sides of your high chair frame and tray; The curved portion of the Wupzey is elasticized, and goes behind the footrest. I was able to set up our Wupzey in about a minute, thanks to the picture-guided instructions offered on the Wupzey website.

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We tested the Wupzey over a period of one week and weregenerally pleased with the results. The vast majority of food thatmissed Sam’s mouth (and would have normally landed on his lap andeventually spilled onto the floor) was caught by the Wupzey. Itwas very easy to detach and spot-clean without spilling the contents,and it held up well after several more involved machine-washes. It islightweight and compact and functions essentially like a boot for yourhigh chair. That said, if — like us — your self-feeding baby likes tothrow his food for fun you’re still going to find yourself down onhands and knees, picking up stray pieces of food after every meal. Thegood news is that, with the Wupzey, you’ll be picking up much, much less!

The Wupzey comes in seven solid colors and two prints, and is recommended for babies aged 5 to 18-months. It’s available for $19.95 at

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