The Washington Post investigates the origin of 'baby bump'

"Baby bump." Much like "preggers" and other terms used to describe expectant mothers, many people have an opinion on the phrase — they either think the term is lighthearted and cute, or they can’t stand it! The Washington Post asked our publisher Danielle about the origins of the phrase, and her thoughts on the use of it in the media. Danielle shared,

The term appears to be British in origin and was in use,though not as much, over four years ago when I created the site. Now it’s used in conjunction with othersimilarly annoying terms like bump watch or womb watch. I never caredfor the term myself (so we try to use it minimally at CBB) as I find itcutesy, obnoxious and juvenile. I complained about the term four yearsago here.

Aside from ‘belly,’ there’s no other colloquial term touniquely describe the outward physical anatomy of the pregnant womb so’bump’ has become the word everyone uses. Part of its popularity stemsfrom its descriptiveness — a showing pregnant belly is round andappears to emerge from the abdomen differently than just a full stomach– but also because we are squeamish about describing human femaleanatomy correctly … If you want to get technical, uterus or wombwould be completely accurate but uterus watch or expanding uterus justdoesn’t have the same alliterative catchiness of baby bump.

The Post’s Celebritology columnist Liz Kelly‘s opinion falls on the other side — she finds it more cute than obnoxious.

I kind of like "baby bump." It’s fun(unlike the snoozy "expecting"), doesn’t carry any baggage (like theloaded "in the family way"), doesn’t rhyme with a processed breakfastfood ("preggo") and is — to a girl who styles her writing for a sitethat can be a little squeamish — refreshingly non-graphic. Itliterally makes a molehill out of a potential mountain of landmines.

Source: The Washington Post ‘Celebritology’

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