Bonnie Northsea shared a video of herself dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" to induce labor – and raise her family's spirits

By Gabrielle Olya
Updated February 17, 2015 07:45 PM

What better way to celebrate your due date than by doing a dance – especially if it can bring you one step closer to actually going into labor!

Bonnie Northsea, 32, decided to give this method a try, and posted the hilarious results on her Facebook page.

“Someone told me ‘Thriller’ would induce labor,” she wrote on Feb. 11. “Here I am on my due date 40 weeks looking like a fool. I’m so awesome!”

The video shows Northsea – who also has a 3-year-old son – proudly displaying her very pregnant belly while wearing a sports bra and sweatpants as she dances around energetically to Michael Jackson’s early 1980s hit. She then uploaded her zombie moves to YouTube, where the video has gotten more than 1 million views.

“I just thought my friends and family would see it and just think it was kind of silly and fun, and then all of a sudden it just started growing and growing,” Northsea tells PEOPLE. “We’re in shock about what’s been going on. I didn’t think my skill was that high, but apparently people are impressed!”

Since going viral, Northsea has been flooded with positive comments and reactions, which is just what she needed after recently learning that her husband has testicular cancer.

“This viral video has really helped by adding laughter to our family and bringing us closer together through these very difficult times,” she says.

And Northsea is staying positive, though she hasn’t yet put on her dancing shoes again – nor has she given birth.

“I’ve been trying other things, but I haven’t done the ‘Thriller’ dance since I did that video,” she says of trying to induce her labor. “Today I cleaned the whole house!”