The Swing Scarf: Cover that swing and clean up playtime

Germ alert: Moms seen everywhere squirting antibacterial gel on hands, covering shopping carts and restaurant high chairs with fabric to protect their tots. So what could have been next: protective mittens, masks, or … maybe covers for the swings at the park? Does it sound neurotic? Not at all. The Swing Scarf ($28) is a simple and adorable solution to cover up the baby bucket swings at the park, which we’ve all seen can be pretty cruddy with outdoor and baby-related gunk. It fits well into the market space that is getting crowded with products that appeal to a Mom’s natural aversion to exposing their kids to germs in public places. I was skeptical about using it as I immediately thought it might come across as anti-social among my neighbors at the playground. And on my third child, I also thought that I was over most of the germ neuroses–turns out, I’m not. My then 5-month old son was gumming everything around him, so rather than the usual swipe with a baby wipe onto the public surfaces, I undid the scrunchie-like band around the Swing Scarf (threw it around my ponytail for safekeeping), and in 15 seconds, Leo was swinging clean!

Most of the moms at the park thought it was a chic, fun and comfortable way to line the swing. Were they just being nice because it was a novelty and I was soliciting their opinions, and do they really think I’m just another germ-phobic new mom? Don’t know, but also don’t care, as I proudly line shopping carts and squirt away with the gel. And it was simple as pie to use: two holes for the legs, and a quick tie on each side. The Swing Scarf is also very giftable for baby showers, as it comes beautifully wrapped. And yes, our diaper bags are full with so many other fabulous accessories, but this one can be left in the car or stroller basket. Cheerful fabrics, easy to launder, and kudos to another mom-entrepreneur at the helm! Free shipping for CBB readers through February 12 (no charges will appear at check out–no code to enter!). Click here to purchase The Swing Scarf.

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