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Updated May 12, 2008 10:42 AM

Every spring in Hollywood there is one event that gets celebrity moms (of both human and furbabies) out and about to learn about the latest luxury goods and services for their babies. The Silver Spoon Hollywood Dog and Baby Buffet is something that these elite moms look forward to. As do I — it’s one of my favorite events to cover! But this year I noticed a new trend at the event. It seems now more than ever, that the Buffet is not just about moms and their babies. This year it was clear that the Buffet was also all about the proud dads.

Watching dads like Dean McDermott and Scott Baio chat casually with each other about parenthood, quiz vendors about their products and attend to their kids, it was clear that the girls are not the only ones in Hollywood with baby fever! These dads may not always be the ones who show, but they are definitely dads in the know. They were every bit as interested as their women when it came to learning about what was new and what was best for their children. They were in the right place to get the scoop, as there was an awesome array of products and services, hand picked by Silver Spoon founders and event organizers Melissa Lemer and Lorena Bendiskas.

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Whether it was learning about BPA free bottles by Nurture Pure, testing gentle organic and luxurious baby skincare from Love Me Baby Me, orhearing about the awesome pregnancy planning and concierge services of The Baby Planners,these hands on dads were paying attention and taking notes. Some –like Dean — were taking notes while babywearing. Dean carried acontent little Liam Aaron in a MetroWrap by MetroMamma,(they may have to change their name to MetroMamma and papanow!) and even fed him a bottle while chatting with vendors about theirproducts and answering text messages. It was an impressive display ofdaddy multi-tasking.

The event was held this year at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Century City. This luxurious hotel is right across the street from the main offices of CAA (Creative Artists Agency)which makes it a great spot to occasionally spot celebs and Hollywoodpower players any time of the year. But one did not have to search thecrowds to stargaze this weekend, as celebs like Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering, Samantha Harris and 7-month-old daughter Josselyn Sydney, Melissa Rivers, Drew and Lea Lachey, Scott and Renee Baio and 6-month-old daughter Bailey, Marissa Jaret Winokur, expecting her son Zev on July 15th, Constance Zimmer and 4-month-old daughter Colette Zoe, new mom Jodie Sweetin (4-week-old Zoie Laurelmae was home with grandma), Busy Philipps, expecting her daughter July, Cynthia Daniel, expecting her second child in mid-June, and Mary Lynn Rajskub, expecting her delivery surprise in July, all assembled at the private party on the hotel’s back lawn.

This year’s buffet did not disappoint and once again featured thebest products for kids, pampering and protecting them from head totoe: Oopsy Daisy rinse free shampoofor kids shared their solution for those highchair moments when morepeas end up in the baby’s hair than his mouth, and for the tender toes — Umi and Puddlejumper sharedtheir fabulous shoes. It would have been a shame if anyone had had thesniffles, but they would have been fixed up in a jiffy with a swipe ofa Boogie Wipes gentle saline nose wipes. Samantha Harris toldother guests that she loved to see innovative new products for kids andparents like this one. Tori mentioned that their new grape scented wipeswould probably make it easier to wipe Liam’s nose.

Teething babies and their moms were treated to Smart Mom Teething Bling. Their fun funky necklaces and braceletslook like stone but are in fact safe, soft chewy silicone that isperfect to gnaw on. Especially while mommy goes shopping! Multitaskingdads like Dean will soon have some Teething Bling of their own todistract and comfort their kids with. The designers let me know theyare about to release a hot new dad product.

Blingy paci leashes anddiaper cakes were gifted by PokaTots and Paisleys. Paisley Dreams gaveout shabby chic handmade burps and bibs and blankets which came inhandy when the weather got a little chilly Friday afternoon. If thesight of a bib brought on hunger pangs, tiny guests with rumblytummies got to try out Gaga Gourmet‘s all natural, additive free, fresh and nutritious baby food. And if theywere looking for a seat to eat their healthy meal in, could not dobetter than the high chairs highlighted in the Boon Booth. Boon was also showing off their new layette collection and amazing Boon Bagsthat turn that collection of stuffed animals on the shelf/bed/floor etcinto functional seating.

Speaking of stuffies — kids at the event weretreated to Rescue Pets my epets toysfrom MGA which are adorable stuffed animals with virtual onlinecounterparts that teach kids about responsibility and caring for theirpets through online games and activities. These were a hit with Shar Jackson for her kids. Your Baby Can Read sharedtheir early learning development tools — their video footage of readingtots was scarily impressive. Good thing there was a private schoolconsultant from LA Schoolmates there as well to help parents decide where to send their uber literate tots to pre-k!

Clothing offerings for kids included garments from Lucky Kids, Fierce Hugs Organic Clothing, and the newly launched line Tykecoon.Constance Zimmer said she could not wait to dress her daughter in thisline, and loved that it was not too baby and loved that the companygives back to charities — each design of tee supports a differentchildren’s charity. Marissa Jaret Winokur thought the line was too cuteand Liam McDermott chose his own tee — he went for the Robotdesign which supports the One Laptop per Child initiative. Gratefulkids got hooked up with stationary (thank you notes anyone?) fromBumpercards. This line is already a favorite of celebs like Courteney Cox-Arquette and Brooke Shields. Little jetsetters got to choose from some of the awesome comfort and travel gear from the online kids travel store Little D, including all weather woobee blankets and Zoobie pets.

After all that fun it was tempting to take a nap on a cozy animal companion pillow from Milo and Gabby.

Moms were pampered too, with yummy fruity body butter from Zgirlz, a new bodycare line that just launched at Jessica Alba’s baby shower. Pregnant moms were gifted with Belly Bandit’s tummy shrinking post natal wraps, Muze Maternity tees, and gorgeous well organized diaper bags from Gitta Bags.One of the best gifts of the day was the gift of time in a bottle — orthe next best thing in the form of gift certificates from Classic Kids Photography. Their talented and unique photographers are the elite when it comes to children’s portraiture.

Munchkin was also present atthe event. Once again this year, Munchkin will conduct eBay auctions ofcelebrity-designed special edition pink ducks as part of their Project Pink. The proceeds of the eBay auctions benefit Susan G Komen For a Cure.Several celebrities took a minute out of their day to put their owncreative spin on the project as they decorated their duck masterpieces.Tori even named her celebrity duck — "Mama Duck."

The two day long Silver Spoon event gifts celebs, but it also gives back. The Buffet raised much needed funds for the Amanda Foundation, which is anonprofit Los Angeles based pet rescue organization. Amanda Foundation representatives were also present atthe event, finding forever families for some special pets in need.

Photos by Chris Polk/Wireimage and Ciaran Blumenfeld Maso.