The Peekaru Original: A 3-season babywearing vest

When my daughter was a baby I loved carrying her all overthe place in one of the many different types of slings I had bought inanticipation of her birth. She was asummer baby and it was so easy to pop her in the sling and go enjoy the citywith my new little buddy cozy against me. But as the weather turned colder I encounteredthe same dilemma that most babywearers do: how would I manage a coat and asling at the same time?

Not willing to buy an expensive baby wearing coat I ended upbuying a micro-fleece Peanut Shell in a size bigger than what I normally woreso that it would fit over my coat (which I found I had to button or else I’d befreezing by the end of my trip). It solvedthe problem but I really wish I had known about The Peekaru Original, athree season fleece baby carrier cover.

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Designed to fit moms (and dads!) from size 2 to 24, ThePeekaru Original can be worn from September through May (in most climatesanyway). Since it is an enclosed vestthat covers both parent and child there is no need to fully zip your coat shut.It is designed in such a way that noheat escapes out the neck or sides.

The Peekaru Original fits over any soft carrier,front or back. I actually love the look of it when you wear baby on your back –it’s surprising to say the least since you don’t see the straps and someone whois standing in front of you would never know you have a baby back there!

I tried mine with a Snugli, Toddler Hawk (on my back),Ellaroo Mei Tai (front carry), Hotsling and Rockin’ Baby Ring Sling (for theselast two you are forced to do a tummy hold). I liked it best w/ the first three and though Ithink it’s definitely possible to wear it with a pouch sling or ring sling(especially if the baby is closer to a year old) I probably wouldn’t choose todo so.

One thing worth noting about the vest is that it is madefrom 85% recycled Polartec fleece (each one is made from approximately 25 2liter bottles). This means that every150 Peekaru Originals made saves about a barrel of oil and a ½ ton of toxic airpollution! I know a lot of moms like buying earth-friendly products so I thoughtthis was worth mentioning.

The Peekaru Original comes in five colors (I have thegray and it is a great shade) and will run you about $80 but you will get gooduse out of it so I think it’s worth the money.

For more information, check out the site: Don’t forget to check out the store locatorfor vendors in your area (they have a lot of vendors outside of theUnited States so there is no need to pay for international shipping inmost cases).

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