WhenI was a little girl I hated my hair. Mymother’s hair is pin straight and, of course, she had no clue how to tame mywild mane. Because of that, my hair was never curly, nor straight, but a crazy,frizzy mess that she would brush out and that I would more often than not askher to pull away from my face.

I’msure anyone with curly hair can relate to what I’m about to say but in the 7thgrade I discovered gel and it completely transformed my life. By the end of Junior High School my gel and Ihad gotten to know each other so well that my curls blossomed and somesemblance of an actual hair style had begun to emerge. ThoughI was learning to make peace with my curls, I still carried around a lot ofinsecurities about my former frizz, and often found it unnerving (and slightlyunbelievable) that other girls would occasionally mention how much they enviedmy hair.

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Nowthat I am a mom I consider my wash and go curls a blessing and feel bad for mysister and mom who have to lull around with their blow dryers in order to keeptheir hair tucked in at the ends (though I still envy them for being able towear hats without having to deal with hat hair). And actually, I love my curlsand couldn’t imagine myself not having big hair – it just wouldn’t be me.

Whenmy daughter, Catie, was born and it became clear that she had inherited myhair (my husband’s hair could not be straighter!), I set out to find healthyhair products that would help her fall in love with her curls right from theget-go. I discovered The Original Little Sprout when she was still very little and have remained very loyal to the brandever since.

TheOriginal Little Sprout is a line of professional, natural hair careproducts that are gentle enough for babies but can perform for all ages andsensitive skin types. I have been using the shampoo on both myself and Catiefor about a year now. The line includes traditional hair products like shampoo,conditioner, gel, balm and detangler (which I love for my own hair). They alsohave products made specifically for curly hair and this is what we recently gotour hands on.

Wewere able to sample the Curl Calmer, Baby Hair Gel, Miracle Mousse andthe BedHead Tamer. I will admit that it took mea while to get used to the thought of putting gel in my two-year-old’shair butthe products are so light that it is really more like putting water(thatactually does something in terms of styling) into her hair. All theproducts are great but my favorite isthe Miracle Mousse which makes her curls look like perfect individualringlets.My husband (who does her hair during the week when I am off to work)loved the BedHead Tamer since we give her baths at night and he is working withwild,morning hair (TRUE bed head). All these products can be put in dryhair which is great for cold NYC winters but hard to adjust to when youare used to dealing with adult hair products that you can’t do thatwith! None of these products left her hair feeling crunchy. In fact,you’d never even know that she had hair product in her hair at all(except that it smells really great).

Celebritymoms Brooke Shields, DebraMessing, Courtney Cox, Cindy Crawford, Diane Lane and Angelina Jolie areall fans of The Original Little Sprout.

The line is available primarily in hair salons worldwide. For more information,check out their website