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Updated January 22, 2010 04:00 PM
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Name recognition is everything when you’re a celebrity, and it’s something many celebrity parents appear to be mindful of when it comes to naming their babies. Perhaps it’s because they’re so at ease in the spotlight or perhaps it’s because they’re eager to set their child apart — but no matter what the motivation, celebrities are clearly on board with unique names.

Pamela Redmond-Satran, co-founder of, concedes that “unique celebrity baby names are more normal in Hollywood and New York than they may be in the rest of the country.” She goes on to note, however,


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There are an unlimited ways in which a celebrity mom or dad can arrive at an unusual baby name, and Pamela says that exotic sources are a popular place to start. Rather than the usual Irish or French names, celebrities turn to less traveled locales for inspiration, like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with daughter Suri, Wesley Snipes with son Alimayu, and Woody Harrelson and daughter Makani.

Another increasingly prevalent method involves place names and words as first names. That’s what Pete and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz did with Bronx, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did with Shiloh, Robert Rodriguez did with Racer, Rocket and Rogue, and Penn Jillette did with Moxie Crimefighter.

Last — but certainly not least — are the “yooneek” spellings that Celebrity Baby Blog readers are always quick to voice an opinion on! Pamela singles out the recent choice of Kloey by Joey Fatone, as well as Ving Rhames‘ daughter Reignbeau and T-Pain‘s son Kaydnz Kodah.

In addition to her work with, Pamela has co-authored ten baby-naming books with Linda Rosenkrantz. Their newest title, Beyond Ava & Aiden, is available now.

What is your favorite celebrity-given unique baby name? Which do you like the least?