The Miz and Maryse's Blog: How We're Navigating New Parenthood — and Celebrating Mother's Day

"Honestly, all I want to do is relax with my beautiful little angel," Maryse admits of spending her first Mother's Day with daughter Monroe, 6 weeks

Please welcome back celebrity blogger Maryse Mizanin — this time joined by her husband Mike “The Miz” Mizanin!

The WWE Superstars, known in the ring as Maryse and The Miz, tied the knot in February 2014 and welcomed their first child on March 27: daughter Monroe Sky, sharing her beautiful first photos exclusively with PEOPLE.

In September, Maryse shared the couple’s exciting news with the WWE Universe during a broadcast of Monday Night Raw, posting a video of their sex reveal party the following month.

Maryse, 35, and The Miz, 37, celebrated their daughter on the way in February with a pink-themed baby shower, sharing photos from the glitzy event on social media. The duo’s new reality series, Miz & Mrs., will premiere on USA Network later this year.

You can follow Maryse on Instagram and Twitter @marysemizanin, and The Miz on Instagram and Twitter @mikethemiz.

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Maryse: It’s been a little over a month since I first became a mother. Monroe Sky Mizanin has stolen my heart and my ability to sleep. I love her more than I ever I thought I could love anyone. Sorry Mike!

The Miz: Gee, thanks babe. I have found a whole new appreciation for parents, especially mothers. I realize now how much I took my parents for granted growing up — not that I never appreciated them. It’s just now that I am a parent, I get it. The sacrifices they made to take care of me, the feeding, changing, burping, crying, everything. It’s a full-time job that I never understood until now.

Maryse: All the things parents warned me about are real: Sleepless nights. Getting sprayed with flatulence (whether it’s on purpose or not is still up in the air).

The Miz: Friends and family who have kids always told me, “You won’t understand until you’re a parent.” To which I replied, “Come on, your life doesn’t change that much?” I’m man enough to admit … I was wrong!

Maryse: Well, now that you’re in the mood to admit when you’re wrong, were you wrong when I said you didn’t burp Monroe enough and she kept crying until I burped her?

The Miz: I will admit, I am a bad burper. There are many things I’m really good at and burping is not one of them. I just learned a month ago and I am getting better as time progresses.

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Maryse: He tries so hard. I love watching him with Monroe. He will start singing, and if you’ve ever heard my husband sing, he’s no Éric Lapointe.

The Miz: Who?

Maryse: Montreal singer. Fine, Céline Dion.

The Miz: I sing ’80s ballads for some reason. First song I ever sang to Monroe wasn’t “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” or “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” I sang Skid Row‘s “I Remember You.” I don’t know why, it just came out. I’m no Sebastian Bach but it puts Monroe to sleep so I will take it. Another song I sing is “My Little Buttercup” from the Three Amigos movie.

Maryse: Arguably the most random songs to sing to a newborn, but I still love watching him with her.

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The Miz: You don’t ever notice me doing this, but I watch you from afar and admire how good you are with her. I wish it would come as naturally to me as it has for you. You’re an incredible mom. I love seeing you with her. I love how protective you are with her. It’s like you are a bear with her cub.

Maryse: Probably not a good time to call me a bear. Ha. My body is slowly changing back to its original form. My doctor told me I couldn’t go to the gym for six weeks. Excuse me, I have baby weight to shed.

The Miz: I think you look beautiful.

Maryse: He tells me that every day and it’s not that I don’t believe him. It’s the way I feel. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not sleeping or the drastic change we are going through right now.

In the last months, we had Monroe and moved from L.A. to Austin two weeks later with two dogs, two cats and my mom. All of my packed boxes came late so when we arrived in Austin, we didn’t have our stuff for two weeks. Now we are trying to settle in all while filming our new USA docuseries, Miz & Mrs.

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Maryse: I’ve been getting asked a lot what I’m going to do for my first Mother’s Day. Honestly, all I want to do is relax with my beautiful little angel.

The Miz: Unfortunately, I will be out of the country on a European tour with WWE. I’m so thankful for FaceTime. I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for parents who traveled before FaceTime or Skype. It’s so hard to leave Maryse and Monroe. Harder than I thought it would be. Every day, Monroe changes.

For Mother’s Day, I have a little surprise for Maryse.

Maryse: You do?

The Miz: Yup. I want you to know how proud I am of you and how much I love and appreciate everything you do for our family. You are our rock. You are the foundation — the heart that pumps life into this family. You are an amazing, hardworking, driven, confident woman, and I hope I make you as happy as you make me.

Maryse: Awww … I love you so much.

The Miz and Maryse: To our mothers: Thank you for everything you have given us. For guiding us into the people we are today. To all the mothers out there: You have the toughest job in the world and that’s why it’s so rewarding. Happy Mother’s Day.

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