March 13, 2012 08:00 PM

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Julianna Margulies is no stranger to television — but she’s doing her best to make sure her son Kieran Lindsay is!

Despite her successful run on ER and her award-winning role on The Good Wife, the actress is determined to limit the 4-year-old’s time in front of the screen.

“During the week he’s not allowed [to watch TV] and on weekends he’s allowed one hour Saturday mornings and one hour Sunday mornings,” Margulies, 45, says during an appearance on Anderson airing Wednesday.

And all her hard work is paying off; The hands-on mom admits she sees a clear difference between Kieran and other kids his age.

“He loves books and he loves reading and he loves words,” she reveals. “Television for little children is very dangerous because they become almost like robots. They sit there and they’re not interacting.”

That’s not to say Kieran is completely in the dark about the interests of his age group, explains Margulies, who feels a balance is “important” for the child’s sake.

“I want him to be exposed to some of it because I don’t want him to be the one kid in the class who doesn’t know what everyone is talking about. Because that was me and I felt very deprived,” she explains.

Logging long hours on the set of her show and juggling her only child with husband Keith Lieberthal hasn’t been easy, but Margulies credits her days of playing nurse Carol with her continued success.

“I am constantly struggling with balancing my family life and my work life and trying to figure out when on earth I can ever get to the gym in between,” she shares.

“It’s a great problem to have and I’m exhausted, but after experiencing ER for six years, I know this is short-lived. I’m trying to enjoy everything I can.”

— Anya Leon

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