Nadya Suleman says hospital getting ready to release her kids – two at a time

By Johnny Dodd
Updated March 10, 2009 10:25 PM
Nancy Pastor/Polaris

Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman shared details of the impending homecoming of her babies with TV viewers – and admitted that her decision to have eight additional children, when she already had six, didn t make sense.

“It wasn t a realistic thing to do,” she told Dr. Phil on a segment of his show Tuesday. “I wasn t thinking rationally at the time.”

On the show, Suleman, 33, revealed that the first two of her octuplets would be coming home in a few days, once her recently-purchased home in La Habra, Calif., is ready for her massive brood. She explained that she s going to have the den of her four-bedroom house transformed into a nursery. For the first few months, only four cribs will be used, each one holding two infants in an effort to promote bonding between the siblings.

Two at a Time

“Four of them are ready to come home now,” she said. “They’ve been ready for days.” At this point, she’s not sure if the first two children to arrive home will be Isiah and Noah or Isiah and Maliah.

Why the wait? Officials at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, where the babies have been kept since their birth on Jan. 26, have been waiting to inspect the octuplets’ new home before agreeing to release them. The infants will be sent home in batches of two over a period of several days, Suleman said.

The details of Suleman’s decision to allow the organization Angels In Waiting to assist her in the round-the-clock care of her 14 children was also discussed on the program. Despite originally declining the group’s offer, she admits that she’s now eager to work with the organization.

“It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders,” she said. “It feels like things are finally falling into place.”