By peoplestaff225
Updated September 20, 2008 05:00 AM

The Family Seat (wood-grain finish)

If the excitement of having a potty trained little one is beingdampened by the inconvenience of having another item in the bathroomto trip over and clean, then The Family Seat is definitely for you. A toilet seat, which cleverly tucks a toddler-sized seat inside thelid of a standard toilet seat, the Family Seat comes in an MDF ($44.95) andplastic ($34.95) material with a choice of white or faux wood grain finish. Itinstalls much like any other toilet seat and has swivel hinges thatallow for variations among commodes.

We have the white MDF model,which after a few months of use, still looks and operates like new.My 3-year-old daughter loves having a seat her size, and quicklylearned how to unlatch the toddler seat and put it up and downherself.

Sorry ladies, if your husband doesn’t put the seat downalready, The Family Seat is unlikely to inspire him to make thechange! All kidding aside, the only true downside may be that theadult seat isn’t as contoured as a regular seat so may not be ascomfortable to some. Also, due to the additional weight of the extraseat in the lid, the men in your family may have to take a littleextra time to really make sure both seats are securely up. That said,in our small bathroom, the convenience and functionality of the FamilySeat far outweigh any minor drawbacks.

— Elena