When my baby girl was first born I tracked every single feeding and poop in a little composition notebook for a good five weeks.

Something about being able to keep track of whatever entered or exited her body made me feel a little more in control.

Such is the premise of a new book, The Essential Breastfeeding Log, by Suzanne Schlosberg and Sarah Bowen Shea ($15).

The authors, both mothers of twins who have breastfed all their children (as well as logged all their feedings!) created this book to help new moms keep tabs on their kids’ feeding habits. The book offers four log formats modified for your baby’s age. There’s also a spot for writing little notes to remember precious time spent with your babe.

This was a useful book for first-time moms who want to be organized and are into logging everything, but it is by no means necessary. In fact, as a breastfeeding counselor I would urge new moms to worry less about watching the clock and instead watch your baby.

That said, for the mom of multiples, or even for a working mom who needs to keep to a pumping schedule I could see how this would be a great log to own. Since it is peppered with other information (like how to get you body back in shape and tips about gear) it’s worth the price tag if you are the type who likes to keep track of these types of things.