The Crown Prince family of Denmark talk parenting and share photos

In an interview with Berlingske Tiende, Crown Prince Frederik, 39, and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, 35, talk about how their children, Prince Christian, 2, and Princess Isabella, 8 months, have changed their lives and how different the two children are.

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The royal couple says it’s no secret that having children changes every couple’s life,

It’s a huge experience truthfully speaking, but it is certainly also huge speaking of the physical impact too. It also forces you to be more organized and that is both a good thing and necessary.

Perhaps this is particularly so in our life, because other chores happen constantly in our daily life. We don’t have a fixed schedule from eight in the morning to six in the evening. Our work come in doses and at any time.

According to Mary, the children have helped them find a new balance,

You need to find a new balance, to make everything fit together as it used to. On the other hand, we have more flexibility in our daily life than so many other people and we have very good help and support in our daily life from those around us (in the form of staff and nannies). For example, we don’t have to clean the floors or go shopping in the supermarket.


Even though they had the experience with Christian, Isabella’s birth still changed their life,

With Christian we were 100% switched on and then I thought that when we get number two, it’ll hardly be like landing on the moon again. It’ll probably amount to 50% more. But that’s not true. It’s double up on everything and that’s fine.

And then, you certainly can get tired and have a little less excess energy when you have put the children to bed, and we sit here where we sit right now. But in this respect patience shall prevail, and later, there will be plenty of time left.

With two little children, everything happens overwhelmingly fast,

Everything has happened so fast. You almost ought to write a diary because so much happens with these little people. We photograph them continuously of course and also record them on video sometimes. We must pull ourselves together and get it into a system.


There’s less than two years between the children but they are very differently tempered and in the past weeks Isabella has had trouble sleeping,

Perhaps she’s teething, or perhaps she’s just growing. Isabella is generally far more temperamental than Christian. He was an unusually calm and mild baby.

Isabella can be really, really happy and then she can be really, really angry. But the children are, of course, two different genders. I’ve heard from my [female] friends that girls are often more temperamental than boys as babies. But apart from that, she’s very calm and when she smiles you’re helpless.

The Crown Prince has never hid the fact that he wants to raise his children in a less strict manner than he was raised, so he keeps them close,

Christian is no longer sleeping in our bedroom, but he did until he was about ten months, which was as long as he was deeply dependent upon his mother [breastfeeding]. Now he has his own room and Isabella is of course still with us. We have contact with Christian too during the night via his baby alarm, so if he has a bad dream, or there is something else, we can quickly get to him.

The royal couple tries their best to have some private time as well,

From when the children were infants, it has actually been the case that Mary and I have had our evenings together, so that in fact we have been able to sit down, drink a glass of wine, and look each other in the eyes and say, ‘Whew, we made it this far!’

Adds Mary,

Time becomes more precious when you have children. It’s not like you lose each other because you are with the children. It’s just a different way to be together and that’s some of the best part of it all.


Sources: Danish Royal Watchers (interview), Berlingske Tiende (pictures).

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