Abram Boise and Rachel Missie tied the knot in June 2019

The Challenge’s Abram Boise is going to be a dad!

The MTV star, 37, and his wife, Rachel Missie, announced on Saturday that they are expecting their first child together, nearly a year-and-a-half after tying the knot.

“My husband and I are so excited to announce we’re expecting our first child!” Missie wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the couple holding a sonogram of their baby on the way. In the photo, Boise kisses his wife while placing a hand on her baby bump.

In the caption, Missie went on to share that she was initially pregnant with twins, but she experienced a “vanishing twin,” meaning one fetus absorbed the other.

“This pregnancy started out as twins however within the first trimester my body decided it could only support one baby,” she explained. “We experienced what’s called 'vanishing twin.' The body sacrifices and reabsorbs the other fetus into the uterine wall, putting all that nourishment towards the strongest baby.”

The mother-to-be continued, “We had gotten so attached to the idea of twins and mourned the loss of what could have been. Now we continue to celebrate what is, the beautiful life growing healthy and strong. Our bodies are so dedicated towards protecting, and making decisions towards the greater good. Remember to be gentle, take care, and love yourself as your body chooses to love you. 🌈💃🏿🕺💗 #ohbaby.”

Boise, who competed on The Challenge intermittently between 2003 and 2016, and also appeared on MTV’s Road Rules, reposted the same photo and caption on his Instagram page.

Abram Boise and Rachel Missie Boise Wedding
Abram Boise/Instagram

The pair got married in June 2019 in an outside ceremony in Paradise Valley, Montana, just four months after Boise popped the question to Missie with a snowy Montana backdrop.

The newlyweds shared a number of photos on Instagram from their special day, which seemed to be a small gathering of close family and friends to witness the nuptials.

“Overwhelming gratitude to the universe @rachelmissie my wife,” the reality star wrote at the time, sharing a photo of him embracing Missie with the grassy landscape of Paradise Valley behind them.

Missie, who describes herself as a “Liberian Gal” on her Instagram profile, also posted a photo from the gorgeous scenery after saying “I do.”

“My husband, you are everything! 06.01.19❤️ #happilyboise,” she wrote.