Carlos Danger, Kristen Bell's Reddit chat and more of the biggest things online

By Cara Lynn Shultz
Updated July 26, 2013 01:00 PM
Credit: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

As anyone who isn’t Nell knows, this week Prince William and Duchess Catherine welcomed their son, Prince George Alexander Louis, in an event that nearly took over the internet with second-by-second commentary on everything from Kate’s hair (she looked like she just stepped out of a salon, not the delivery room) to the baby’s Seinfeldian name (George Costanza, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus). But more happened this week than just the birth of a babe who may or may not celebrate Festivus. So read on for your Internet fix:

Anthony Weiner Used the Name "Carlos Danger" for His Latest Sexting Scandal
Was McLovin’ taken? Weiner’s sexting name sounds like he’s a luchador. Anyway, the name birthed the Carlos Danger Name Generator. Benito Badass at your service.

Kristen Bell Played a Game of "Would You Rather" on Reddit for Invisible Children
When asked, “Would you rather have your hands switched to dustpans or be sweating jam instead of sweat?” Bell replied, “Jam. id be close to peanut butter all the time and share myself with the world.”

College Student Sends Nirvana’s Former Label a Request for the Band to Record a Homecoming Video.
The student referred to Nirvana as a “her” (and apparently didn’t know that one-third of the original band members has been dead for nearly 20 years) – but Sub Pop delivered. Because Nirvana stood for nothing if not organized sports.

The Comic-Con Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4 Was FINALLY Released
Spoiler Alert: Norman Reedus STILL makes the apocalypse look all kinds of hot.