The Baby Briefcase- Get Organized with Your Precious One's Paperwork

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I am not the most organized person. In fact, I actually misplaced Ben’s original birth certificate when he was only a few months old and and had to get a duplicate one.

So, when I was offered the chance to review the Baby Briefcase ($29.95), I jumped on it!! All your important papers in one place? Do you remember how much paperwork came home with you from the hospital (and all the other things to save, from doctor’s visits to official records). Too much paper!! And being a harried new mom, I was just sticking papers on my desk and then wonderfing why I couldn’t find anything. What a fabulous idea (and great baby shower gift!!).

There is plenty of room inside (click here to see what’s inside). Contains 15 inside folders, a thank you note tracker (no more losing that tiny scrap of paper you were writing down the list of gifts given on), 2 baby wallet info cards (how many times do you forget your pediatrian’s number and NEED IT A.S.A.P when you are out somewhere). You can customize the labels on the folders also. There is also a place for a pen – but you have to provide your own.

The best thing that I liked about it, is that its compact enought to fit in most file cabinets (or in my case, my closet). The next time you need to get baby’s info out, its all in one place. To an unorganized mom, this product is a godsend. Ben’s information is already in one Baby Briefcase and baby #2 will have her own.

This is also great to stick in your carry-on when you go on trips, domestic and abroad (though I would leave a copy of the information at home too, just in case).

This product was created by a mom, Tamar Shay, who was amazed that her baby’s paperwork weighed more than her baby!

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