Before I had my daughter, I knew I wanted to document every moment of her life, but the idea of writing it all out in one of those old fashioned baby books would drive me nuts. I am just not "Martha Stewart" when it comes to scrapbook type projects. After lots of research I came across Big Day Books. Big Day Books is a company that has made "baby booking" easy. If you like to use the computer and you’re generally pretty busy (or forgetful) this is a great concept for you.

Here’s how it works: You pick a book of your choice, I have to say that the fabric choices and books are all incredibly adorable and there’s something for everyone. I chose mine before my daughter was born and it is pretty unisex (pictured here). Then with your book, you’ll receive 30 quality archival printer ready pages (you can order more later if you want some more information in the book), an 18 month membership to add in all the baby information, and extenders to add more paper.

Every time Tatum has a new milestone, I log in and put in the date and write some notes and it’s saved to my account. They also send you cute reminders once in a while (not too much so that it’s annoying) to fill in your information and we all know new moms need a little reminding. The quality of the book is beautiful, the pages are easy to load in the printer and you can get some extra blank ones to add so you can glue on your baby’s hospital band or first tooth or whatever else you want to remember. I also love that they’ve included a special adoption section for adopted babies. This also makes a great baby gift!

Big Day Books is offering CBB readers 10% off your order with coupon code "cheer"

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