Update: Giveaway: The Aristocats on DVD

Update: The winners are:

  • Brandee who said, "I don’t have kids I just like good old fashioned Disney Movies."
  • Lorin who said, "I loved this movie as a kid growing up and i know that my daughter would enjoy it just as much."
  • Sarah Jane who said, "My daughter Lily saw this movie atCostco the other day and wanted it but she had already picked out an outfitearlier. Only one treat per trip! :)"
  • Anne who said, "I am so excited to see the Aristocats being re-released! I can rememberwatching it as a child. My 3-year-old, Julia, gets so excited when thecommercial comes on. I really don’t know who is more excited–me torelive the memories or her to see it for the first time!!"

Disney’s beloved kitty cat classic, The Aristocats, is finally on Special Edition DVD with new digitally enhanced picture and sound, plus exclusive bonus materials. The Aristocats was the last film that Walt Disney put into production himself, making this film a little piece of animation history.For those who don’t remember The Aristocats, it’s the story of Duchess (Eva Gabor) and her three adorable kittens, Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse. Theyhit the jackpot when their eccentric Paris millionair-ess owner bequeaths themher entire estate. Their life of luxury is cut short, however, when themistress’s greedy butler Edgar plots to inherit the fortune himself byabsconding with the little feline family and abandoning them far from home. Lostin the French countryside, they meet a rough-and-tumble, big-hearted tomcatnamed Thomas O’Malley (Phil Harris), who takes them under his wing andintroduces them to his life as a jazzy bohemian hepcat, before he helps themfind their way back to the Paris. Musical numbers from Academy Award winningteam of Robert B. and Richard M. Sherman (Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,The Jungle Book and The Tigger Movie) keep spirits high in this delightfullydroll animated adventure.

Click here to see a clip of "Ev’rybody Wants to be a Cat."

Bronwyn recently reviewed the DVD and wrote,

Iwas delighted to find this movie held all the magic I remembered when Iwas a kid and the enhanced picture is flawless. The special featureswere also great and my daughter enjoyed the song selection that let uslisten to the songs we wanted with a click.

We’re giving away four copies of the DVD! Click Continue Reading for how to enter.

Enter to win one of four copies of The Aristocats. Email the following info to celebritybabyblogATgmail.com (make sure you replace AT with @).

  • Your full name, email address, and mailing address.
  • ‘Fess up- are you as interested in watching the DVD as you think your kids will be?
  • Make sure you put "The Aristocats" in the subject line in order for your entryto be counted.

Giveaway closes February 7 at 7 am EST. (For giveaway terms & conditions, click here.)

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