Update: The 5-day Baby Kaed Diaper Bag Giveaway: Day 3: Enter to win the Avi-U Mom Diaper Bag from Baby Kaed

Update: The winner of the Avi-U bag is Kate from Dearborn, MI, who said,

I have been a long-time reader of Celebrity Baby Blog – and every time I have opened the page and seen the Avi-U diaper bag advertised on the blog page, I have drooled over it (even before I was pregnant)!  In fact, I’ve been long keeping a list of "baby registry items" – just to be prepared (can you tell I’m excited for June?) – and the Avi-U has been saved on there for when it was finally time to buy baby things!

Another reason why I would love to have this diaper bag: I am 26 years old and just celebrated my third wedding anniversary, but I am CONSTANTLY getting asked at work if I am an intern – I desperately need to look sleek and chic as a new mom!  I work in a museum, and earlier this year a visitor – someone just passing by – literally stopped me, saw my employee badge and asked me how old I was, then proceeded to guess that I was around the 18-19 year old range.  I really want to look like a sophisticated mom, and I feel that the Avi-U diaper bag would definitely help in the style department!  I think the Rust/Cream Avi-U is especially beautiful.

Every day for 5 days Baby Kaedis giving away a diaper bag from the following collections: Sanya, CityMom, Avi-u, Devani & the new Dali daddy bag. All bags come with aplush changing mat, wipes case, cosmetics pouch for mom, drawstring bagfor messy days, pacifier pouch, cell phone pocket & a clip for yourkeys or paci pouch. All of this without compromising style – Baby Kaedoffers amazingly functional diaper bags for the stylish mom.

Baby Kaed diaper bags are the all-in-one diaper bag/tote that ismulti-functional, practical and yet at the same time also chic andperennially stylish. All Baby Kaed diaper bags come with everything aparent or caregiver would need, from a pacifier purse to a wipes case adirty duds pouch and of course a cosmetics pouch for mom, changing mat, lotsof pockets, somewhere to keep your cell phone and even more pockets. Youshouldn’t have to purchase supplemental baby essentials to complete yourdiaper bag – Baby Kaed makes sure of that.

Today we’re giving away the Avi-U diaper bag.

  • Funky antiqued brass hardware and playful accents gives a twist to the classic tote
  • The beautiful faux suede is accented with contrast cross stitching
  • 2 very spacious pockets in front and one in the back
  • Interior of the bag has a removable zippered pouch & 5 interior
  • 5 brass feet to protect the bottom of bag
  • 15" wide on the bottom and flares to 20" wide on the top; 11" high
    and 6" deep
  • Accessories Galore: Changing mat, zippered pouch, drawstring bag for
    messy days, pacifier purse, Baby Kaed wipes case and a handy clip for your
    keys or pacifier purse!

Enter to win the Avi-U diaper bag! Visit babykaed.comfor all of the colors. Send in an email telling us which color you’d want and what you look for in a diaper bag, along withyour full name and mailing address to celebritybabyblog @ gmail.com.Extra points if send us a photo of your current diaper bag! Make sureyou put "Baby Kaed Avi-U" in the subject line in order for your entryto be counted. Giveaway closes Thursday, December 6 at 9 am EST. (For giveaway terms & conditions, click here.)

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