Since becoming a mother when she welcomed Sabrina Sakaë, now 19 months, life for Thalía has been full of surprises. While her 33-hour labor may have been an unpleasant — and very unexpected — one, the songstress has since been basking in the marvels of motherhood. In a new interview with The Boston Globe, Thalía reveals that her daughter is already showing great talent when it comes to belting out her baby voice on her mama’s tracks!

For a woman who enjoys motherhood as much as she does, the 37-year-old realizes that, for her, starting a family came later in life. According to the actress, with a career that took off when she was only a toddler, there was little time to concentrate on anything other than show business. “Seriously, there’s a biological clock that everyone talks about and you really start to feel it,” she explains.

Fortunately, the addition of baby Sabrina has only inspired Thalía’s music in more ways than the proud mama could ever have imagined. “Having a baby makes you want to connect with humanity in a more sincere and honest way,” she says. “I’m not saying that before I didn’t do that, because before I did all kinds of romantic, profound, and touching songs, but now it’s a different approach.”

Sabrina is Thalía’s first child with husband, music executive Tommy Mottola. Her new book, Thalía: ¡Radiante!, is available now.

— Anya