August 24, 2015 01:30 PM

Our newest celebrity blogger Terri Seymour is a new mama!

The British-born star is an actress and TV personality and serves as a correspondent for Extra.

Seymour, 40, and her boyfriend, British model Clark Mallonare new parents after welcoming their first child, daughter Coco, in March.

She can be found on Instagram and Twitter @TerriSeymour.

Courtesy Terri Seymour

Being from the U.K., I knew traveling was in my near future. But a family emergency had us flying back to London sooner than we expected.

Traveling for the first time with a new baby is always going to be a daunting experience for any parent, but flying back sooner than we had planned had us in a panic trying to get everything together in time.

Firstly, we had to get Coco her passport! Eventually, she will have dual citizenship, which is fantastic, but because of our emergency, we had to get her passport rushed through. As well as getting her passport photo (which is the cutest picture ever), we had to get to the federal building to hopefully get it expedited. It was so hot outside waiting in the long line, but Coco was an angel and the agents were amazing.

A few hours later, we left with new U.S. passport in hand, plus cutest photo ever inside. (Very important if traveling for an emergency and trying to get a passport: Make sure you go with full travel itinerary and a letter from a doctor if needed.)

With the mad rush over, it was time for packing. I am the worst packer: It takes me forever. I always overpack, so I made sure I allowed myself extra time, as obviously now I am packing for two … and I really am packing for two because Coco has more clothes than me now!

Of course, she has two suitcases of her own; a girl never knows what the weather is going to be like. From swimsuits to sweaters down to the cutest shoes you’ve ever seen, she was ready for London from head to toe!

Courtesy Terri Seymour

Some of my friends with babies gave me great advice on the must-haves for a first-time flight with a new baby:

  • Travel-size bottle of baby wash/shampoo
  • Washcloths
  • Plastic bags for dirty clothes and storage
  • Diaper cream
  • Clothes and socks
  • Swaddles, muslins, blankets (I learned the hard way — you can never have too many of these!)
  • Breast pump (if needed), bottles or bags for milk
  • Bottles and nipples, etc.
  • Baby carrier
  • Nail clippers/file
  • Baby-safe pain reliever
  • Inflatable baby bathtub
  • Car seat
  • Car seat base/collapsible stroller
  • And a good book (You’ll be lucky!)

With all of our suitcases, we headed to the airport, our first time traveling as a family. We had an evening flight, so Coco was in her PJs ready for a nice long nap, and we arrived at the airport with minutes to spare. We rushed through check-in and up to security. We were scrambling to get all our extra baby paraphernalia in trays to get through to make our flight on time.

I had pumped some breast milk just in case for the flight. Of course, our bags were pulled aside to be checked, and while the TSA agent was going through the diaper bag, an alarm went off reading “explosive alert!” He ripped his gloves off and looked terrified. I didn’t realize my breast milk was that strong.

It can take extra time in security with a baby, so be sure you allow more time than usual, unlike us!

My pediatrician told me once on board to breastfeed Coco during takeoff and landing, so I woke her up to feed her. This is important because the pressure can be very painful for their sensitive little ears. During feeding, Coco pooped everywhere, so I joined a new kind of mile high club! (Note for next time: Take more blankets for baba!)

Clean, changed and cozy, Coco luckily slept for most of the flight, waking up an hour and a half before landing. We arrived in London and had a wonderful time. A trip to Wales, a wedding and time with my mum in Buckinghamshire meant it was a jam-packed holiday, but of course I still got to sneak in some baby shopping for Coco!

Courtesy Terri Seymour

We had to do it all again on the way back, but it was all worth it for our family and friends to meet Coco.

Needless to say, Clark and I are exhausted now and I think we could do with another holiday to get over our trip. But this time I think we will go somewhere a bit closer, maybe somewhere we can drive to!

— Terri Seymour

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