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Updated November 10, 2009 06:00 PM

For father-of-three Terrence Howard the childhood fairy tales of a little girl’s Prince Charming are a part of life he wholeheartedly believes in.

“Yes, you have to believe that or the world stops spinning,” he tells Redbook magazine. And while his daughters may one day meet a prince of their own, Terrence admits that their first knight in shining armor has already made his appearance.

In turn, Terrence notes, his girls have taught him a thing or two when it comes to women. “Young men tend to come into relationships feeling very strong and powerful, and they make a lot of mistakes,” he muses. However, according to the actor, welcoming a daughter changes it all.

“You see women through a whole different light because now you know that they were once someone’s little girl,” he adds. “I wish I’d had this knowledge when I was 20 — I wish I could call all the women I’ve ever dated and apologize. I didn’t know how precious they were. I know better now.”

Lending his voice as James in the Disney movie Princess and the Frog, Terrence drew inspiration from his own relationship he shares with his daughters. “Because they are my little princesses,” he says. “When I was speaking as my character, I was speaking to my little girls.”

Terrence and his estranged wife Lori McCommas are parents to Aubrey, 16, Hunter, 14, and Heaven, 12.

Source: Redbook

— Anya