May 21, 2016 02:55 PM

It’s just one year after Terrence Howard welcomed his first son with Mira Pak and the two are set to do it all over again!

The Empire star, 47, was by Pak’s side at a series event Friday night in Los Angeles, where she debuted her baby bump for the first time — a subtle way of announcing that she is expecting. Howard posed next to her, smiling, with a hand on her belly.

Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock

This will be Howard’s fifth child: He is also dad to Heaven, Hunter, Aubrey and Qirin. He and Pak were married in 2013 and reconciled after divorcing last July.

But when it comes to their children together, Howard has said they’ve already figured it out.

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“She has to be up with him all throughout the day. I wasn’t born with boobs, I’ve started growing some recently,” Howard joked last year of raising Qirin. “She has the boobage and nurses him during the day.

“So, I pull night duty, so that she can sleep and I keep him with me and will take some of the pre-pumped ‘breast cheese,’ whatever you call it.”

— Adam Carlson

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