Comedienne Teresa Strasser Searches For Suitable Pregnancy Phrases

When comedienne Teresa Strasser found out she was expecting her baby boy on October 2nd, she paid little attention to the date. However, curiosity soon had Teresa doing some digging. Her discovery? That baby boy — if he arrives on the anticipated day — will be sharing his birthday with none other than Gandhi and Groucho Marx! “I guess this means he’ll either be staging vaudeville acts, or acts of civil disobedience,” she notes.

At four months, Teresa laughs that her son is “almost halfway cooked,” but despite plenty of time to contemplate her growing belly, she has yet to find a suitable word — apart from ‘preggers’ — for the pregnancy.

“‘Expecting’ is overly wholesome and formal, whereas ‘knocked up’ is now too Seth Rogen for me. ‘I have a bun in the oven’ or ‘I’m with child’ aren’t even worth considering. And somehow, ‘carrying a developing fetus’ is just clunky. If anyone has solved this problem, please let me know.”

Using her pregnancy as inspiration for her new blog — Exploiting My Baby — Teresa jokes that there is little sense in having a child “if I can’t exploit the experience for some content.” Joking aside, the expectant mama defends her decision to tackle the journey as a writer, saying that, these days, the pregnancy has pushed all else far from her mind. “Pregnancy is like nine months of acquired situational narcissism, it’s all about us and we want to make sure we’re normal,” she tells LAist.

With “every little cramp or worry or symptom” leading Teresa to the internet, she hopes her new site “will be a place to do what I’ve always tried to do as a writer: tell the truth, even when it makes me look like an a–hole.”

Baby-on-the-way will be the first for Teresa and her husband, Daniel Wachinski.

— Anya

Source: LAist

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What term do you prefer to refer to your pregnancy?

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