By peoplestaff225
September 30, 2005 12:30 PM

Tennis star Lleyton Hewitt and his wife Bec Cartwright are featured in the latest issue of the Australian Woman’s Day talking about their latest serve, their first child together.

Lleyton admitted that he is so excited about the upcoming birth of his first child with wife Bec Cartwright he says his not fazed by late night nappy changes, "I’m prepared to do as much as possible." The couple opted not to find out the baby’s sex, and despite reading lots of baby name books they have yet to pick favorites, "Once the baby is born, we’re hoping that little personality will shine through and that’s how we’ll make up our minds," says Bec. "But I’m not too worried about names, because I didn’t have a name for three days!"

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Bec has been so busy following Lleyton around the tennis circuit that not only do they have no name picked, but they also haven’t had time to have pre-natal classes, set up a nursery or design a birthing plan.

Bec reveals that she wants the baby to take after Lleyton, "I love his smile and his dimples and the colour of his eyes. I’d like it to have his determination and love of life." Of course Lleyton returns the compliment to his beautiful wife, "I hope the baby gets almost everything from Bec, particularly their looks and personality."

Bec ends the interview by letting everyone know why she feels so lucky, "I think we will be a very happy little family. Everything has really been perfect … There’s nothing I feel stressed about, not even giving birth, although it’s weird to think that someone will be calling me ‘Mum’ for the rest of my life."

Lleyton, 24, and Bec, 22, started dating in December 2005 and were married this past July. They were paid $500,000 for their wedding coverage from rival magazine New Idea, which they donated to fund an orphanage in Cambodia. Nothing has been said about the $1 million payment they apparently received from Woman’s Day for this article and the exclusive access to their baby’s first year.

Source: Woman’s Day: October 3, 2005, pages 6 – 11.