By peoplestaff225
August 13, 2007 02:28 AM

Leave it to smart moms to find creative solutions for making their babies happy. We spend many hours of the day with the little ones in our arms, and as they get to be 3 months and beyond, they start grabbing at anything they can get their tiny hands on…your glasses, your face, and any jewelry you were bold enough to wear. Don’t we all just reach for anything safe within arm’s reach that they can chew to make them happy? So smart mom entrepreneurs Amy Maurer Creel and Kendra LaDuca of Silver Spring, MD formed Smart Mom Jewelry in2005 and created Teething Bling, a collection of pendants, bangles and keychains which your little one can gnaw on while you are wearing or using them. They’re made of a soft, non-toxic, dishwasher-safe silicone teething material.

I first admired these fashionable accessories on another smart mom at our infant play group. Jennifer raved how her son loved this gift she had received, and she enjoyed wearing jewelry again. I’ve been ‘field testing’ these for the last week, and both my 4-month old and 19-month old lunged for the turquoise donut-shaped (or purple heart-shaped) pendant dangling from a black silk cord around my neck—instant happiness while they were chewing! The matching simple bangle was a similar hit,and I could just take it off and hand it to them to play. The baby loved pulling on the bangle with his two chubby hands as an exerciser too. And when I washed my hands, I could easily wash off the bangle, too. They offer an array of bright and neutral fashion colors.

One caveat is that the necklace cannot be taken off and given to the baby, as the cord would be unsafe for them. And a strong baby or toddler can yank the necklace hard, so you need common sense while you are wearing it with your baby.

So simple, and so smart.

Smart Mom Jewelry offers these inspired accessories at prices ranging from $12.00 for the bangles to $18.00 for the pendants, and $28 for the two items in a gift set.

Exclusive for CBB Readers: Get a free bangle with every pendant purchase (a $12 value) by entering coupon code CBB07 at check out through 12/31/07.