Plus, American Idol's Michael Johns sends along his best wishes

By Kate Stroup Jed Dreben
July 08, 2008 09:30 AM

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban is only a day old – but she’s already a superstar in the country music world.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed the newborn Monday morning in Nashville. And ever since then, their famous friends have been quick to offer up congratulations.

Taylor Swift was vacationing in Hawaii when she got the news, and she excitedly took to her blog. “Even just thinking about it now, I’m tearing up because I’m so happy for them,” she wrote on her MySpace page.

The country phenom added that Kidman and Urban – both Aussie imports – have been welcome additions to the Nashville scene.

“They’re such incredible people,” she gushed. “Nicole Kidman came to Nashville and treated everyone with grace and respect, and has always been so humble. I’m overjoyed for them.”

American Idol‘s Michael Johns was also thrilled for the new parents when PEOPLE broke the news to him.

“That’s awesome!” he enthused Monday before the A.I. tour stop at the L.A. Staples Center. (The Australian native has become fast friends with the superstar twosome.)

“They’re genuinely a happy couple – it’s not a Hollywood thing,” he said. “They really, really do love each other. So anytime a baby can be born into that situation, it’s pretty cool.”

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