July 25, 2012 09:00 AM

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What’s in a name? For Taylor and Natalie Hanson — already parents to four children and expecting their fifth later this year — apparently, a lot.

So when the couple discovered they are awaiting the arrival of a daughter, the proud parents eagerly began a good round of the name game.

“Thinking back on all the children’s names has helped to give me a fresh perspective in choosing the name for the baby girl we are expecting in the fall,” Natalie writes in her blog for Nameberry.com.

“It has helped to remind me how the right name seems to come at the right time and how, no matter how ‘perfect’ the choice, it will only be a part of all this little person will become.”

However, the mom-to-be isn’t making any decisions on a moniker without taking a trip down memory lane. Naming their first born after his father (whose full name is Jordan Taylor), Jordan Ezra has managed to live up to the name’s “quirky” traits, says Natalie.

“This yin and yang is apparent in my first son’s name choice. I pictured a wise, quirky, old man and I was sold,” she jokes. “Ezra turns 10 in October and I am still in love with his name.”

After paying tribute to her own mother, Pamela, through daughter Penelope Anne‘s “whimsical and fun sounding” name, Natalie and Taylor ventured off the path when naming son River Samuel.

“I hesitated at first. Was it presidential enough?” Natalie shares. “When I mentioned the name to my grandfather, he immediately started singing ‘Ol’ Man River,’ which I loved.”

But it wasn’t until the proud parents found out they were expecting their fourth child — another boy — that controversy surrounding their choice began floating around the family.

“I am not one of those who hides the name until delivery for fear of backlash. In fact, the stronger the reaction I get, the more I tend to like the name!” she says.

Announcing their third son would be called Viggo Moriah, Natalie made it clear their minds were made up — and there was no room for discussion.

“The Hansons have a large whiteboard in their kitchen where all family business is posted. I took a marker and wrote on the board, ‘TH Family baby number four will be named Viggo Moriah. That is the name. It will not be changed,'” she recalls.

“No one was so bold as to question it to our faces, but after Viggo was born, the truth came out that the name was definitely in hot debate when we weren’t around!”

— Anya Leon

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