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Taylor and Natalie Hanson have never been known to settle for mundane monikers for their children.

So when the couple found out they were expecting their fifth child, they knew their baby girl would need a name that wouldn’t be overshadowed by siblings Ezra, 10, Penelope, 7½, River, 6, and Viggo, 4.

After discussing the name Wilhelmina, the singer instantly fell in love with it. Initially, however, his wife Natalie wasn’t so sure.

“I had to process for a minute … However, he was right. It was a beautiful name. It was clearly feminine, with quite a heritage, and a plethora of pretty nicknames to choose from,” Natalie writes in a blog entry for Nameberry.

“These were all qualities I appreciated in my first daughter’s name. I began to think Penelope might have met her match!”

When the proud parents finally welcomed Wilhelmina Jane in October, Natalie was quick to keep any shortened versions of her little girl’s lengthy name at bay. “I proposed we hold off on a nickname commitment until everyone was acclimated to the name in its full glory,” she explains.

But one phone call later from Grandma Hanson and the pressure to produce one was on. “It wasn’t long before I got a call from Taylor’s mother, telling me she was having a Christmas gift monogrammed, and ‘Wilhelmina’ just wouldn’t fit. I decided to go with Willa,” she shares.

While Wilhelmina “isn’t a very popular choice,” Natalie is head over heels for both the family’s newest addition — and her name.

“Wilhelmina is a form of William, which means ‘resolute protection,'” she says. “Right now I am so in love with this strong and beautiful name, and even more in love with the girl who bears it!”

For more on the Hanson’s name choice, read Natalie’s full blog entry at

— Anya Leon

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