October 05, 2007 06:49 PM

Singer Taylor Dayne, best known for her 1988 hit Tell It To My Heart, has been working on a return to the music world. In the meantime, her 5-year-old twins — daughter Astaria and son Levi — are keeping her plenty busy. Taylor became a mom to the twins five years ago via surrogate and the 45-year-old has no regrets.

Some women love being pregnant, but I didn’t need that. Theidea of not being in a relationship and carrying a child was not anoption because then I wouldn’t be viable for a relationship. I didn’tfeel that any man was going to love me while I was carrying anotherman’s child.

Taylor has her hands full with the twins and her current battle is sleeping arrangements.

They share a room, and they have a twin thing happening. I told Astariathat she was a girl and it was time she started thinking about her ownroom. And she said, "No, I sleep with Levi." Levi was ready for his ownspace, but she was not having it.

Source: People

When did you decide that it was time to separate your multiples or siblings in different bedrooms? Did they fight the decision?

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