Taye Diggs Is Ready to Meet His Baby Boy

The actor and wife Idina Menzel have their nursery ready – but have yet to settle on a name

Photo: Ryan Miller/Getty

Eagerly awaiting the birth of their son early next month, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel have picked out just about everything he is going to need – except a name.

“We have a spot in New York and one [in Los Angeles],” the Private Practice star told PEOPLE during a recent visit to the show’s set. “[Idina] has both nurseries done. She did them herself, painted them, and today she’s putting together a bassinet. We’ve picked out our doula. My wife is so on it!”

The pair, who celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in January, are holding off on naming their baby, who is due on Sept. 6. “We have a couple [names] in the running,” Diggs, 38, shares. “But part of us wants to see what he hits us with when we see him. We’ll see what he looks like.”

The actor adds that having talked parenthood with so many friends, he’s eager to experience it for himself. “Everyone keeps telling me how amazing it’s going to be. Once the birth happens, everything is going to change on every level,” he says. “I’m very excited.”
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