June 01, 2015 03:00 PM

Being a fabulous father starts with one easy step, says Taye Diggs.

“Be there. How about that? Show up,” the actor, who has teamed up with Dockers to star in their Father’s Day #DadJam video, tells PEOPLE.

And the benefits go both ways: Diggs, who is dad to Walker Nathaniel, admits there is nothing better in life than spending time with his 5½-year-old son.

“For me, the greatest thing about being a dad is a tie between when I haven’t seen my son in awhile and he runs to me and says, ‘Daddy’ and when he’s asleep and I’m carrying him to the bed,” he explains.

The Murder in the First star jokingly adds, “Ah, he’s so cute when he’s asleep.”

Bret Hartman/AP

Although the 44-year-old is known for his impeccable sense of style, balancing his fashion-forward ensembles with daddy duty has its challenges.

“I love dressing, but when you’re a pops you gotta get dressed quick, and you have to be comfortable, and you gotta be ready to have stuff spilled on,” he says.

Fortunately, he’s found the perfect go-to pair of pants that go hand-in-hand with parenthood.

“Every dad should own … cargo pants because they have a lot of pockets,” he shares with a laugh. “Pacifiers and bottles and diapers and wet wipes and crackers and little toy dinosaurs and candy for treats for any child that has behaved or when you’re trying to bribe them. Yeah, cargo pants.”

— Anya Leon

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