Tamron Hall on Having an 'I Can Handle It All' Attitude as a Working Mom: 'I'm Trying to Stop'

Parents magazine's March cover star Tamron Hall and her husband Steve Greener welcomed their first child together, son Moses, in April of last year

Between her new talk show, a history in television journalism, over 1 million combined followers on her social media accounts and being a mom to son Moses, 9 months — not to mention a brand-new Parents cover! — Tamron Hall certainly has her hands full.

For the magazine’s March issue, the star poses alongside her son and opens up about what a typical day looks like in work and motherhood, admitting that it’s not only difficult to balance but to hand off duties to someone else — even when that someone else is her husband.

“I recently said to my husband [Steven Greener], ‘Do you think those paper towels just magically appear?’ I have this ‘I can handle it all’ attitude, but I’m trying to stop,” says Hall, 49.

“Not as a punishment to Steven, but as a lesson to myself,” she explains. “I have a partner and should pass off some of the household management.”

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Tamron Hall Parents
Mei Tao for Parents
Tamron Hall Parents
Tamron Hall and son Moses cover Parents magazine’s March issue. Mei Tao for Parents

As for her son, Hall says he’s smiling and laughing with the couple’s live-in nanny “six out of seven days” of the week when he wakes up, but the times when he’s not so happy are tough for the new mama.

“One morning he started crying, and I was like, ‘Oh, no! You have a whole tear!’ My mom was with us and laughed,” she recalls. ” ‘Tamron, get over it!’ she said. ‘Babies cry!’ ”

These days, Moses’ interests are very musical. As his proud mom explains of taking her little boy to baby music classes on Wednesdays, “He’s specializing in guitar. It’s hilarious.”

Of working from home on Fridays, Hall adds, “I try to arrange my calls during his naps, but it’s a juggle. I used to feel guilty for using my phone around him, but I can’t put my team on hold because I’m playing with my son, right? That’s not fair to them either. So I just keep calls quick.”

Tamron Hall Parents
Tamron Hall for Parents magazine. Mei Tao for Parents

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Hall has been open about battling criticism she has faced over working after having a baby, telling Parents now that she believes the condemnation “usually comes from women who’ve been shamed themselves, so they pass it on.”

“It’s toxic. If you own your own space, then you don’t have to worry about mine,” she says.

Despite facing negative online comments over balancing a career with being a parent, Hall doesn’t “feel bad about saying goodbye to Moses” in the morning, as “it’s the reality of being a working mom.”

“I also love my job,” she points out, noting, “I mean, if I hit the Powerball, would they hear from me again? Probably not. But I try not to focus on the leaving part too much. I just give Moses a kiss and go.”

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