Tamron Hall Shares Why She Named Her Son Moses — and Not Bob: 'Could Not Imagine Any Other Name'

Tamron Hall reveals on PEOPLE's Me Becoming Mom podcast that she and husband Steven Greener thought about naming their son after Bob Marley


Tamron Hall is very happy with the name she ultimately chose for her son.

On a new episode of PEOPLE's new podcast Me Becoming Mom, the author and television host, 51, explains how she and husband Steven Greener came to name their now 2-year-old son Moses and shares one of the other monikers they previously considered.

Asked if she had her son's name picked out early in the pregnancy, Hall says, "I had. And I did send my husband back home to retrieve a custom hat that I had made from the hat shop where I get all of my hats. It had his name, Moses."

"I knew that's how I was going to introduce his name to the people who have been so supportive and follow me on social media and follow my career and have rooted for me and the show and my pregnancy and all these things," she recalls. "I thought, oh, I gotta give them a little Tamron Hall."

"We'd already decided on his name early on — my husband is Jewish, I'm Christian and Moses was the only prophet recognized by all seven religions," she explains. "I could not imagine any other name, although we did bat around Bob, in honor of Bob Marley."

"I'm happy I did not name my son Bob," she says, though she says she "still loves" the name. "But he is Moses, he's definitely Moses."

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Elsewhere in the interview, Hall recalls the visceral reaction she had to finding out the sex of her baby, whom she welcomed in April 2019.

Hall says after the embryo transfer, she opted not to know the sex of her baby on the way, but "then whatever week it was that I couldn't take it anymore, I asked the doctor, and my husband said, 'We have to be on the phone, we have to hear at the same time.' "

The doctor said it was a boy and Hall says she "started crying."

She explains to Ruderman, "I started crying because I saw all of my fashion future float [away]. That sounds so vain, but it's true. And my husband said, 'I will one day tell Moses that you did that.' I'm like, 'No, it's just tears! I visualize myself walking around with a little girl dressed exactly like me!' "

"Which is so funny now that I have a son," Hall adds, "and I don't like to get into gender labels — but it's funny now that I have a son, I could not imagine anything other than what I have."

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