Tammy Etheridge blogs about motherhood and her post-baby body

Tammy Etheridge, mom to twins Johnnie Rose and Miller Steven, 16 months, with her wife, rocker Melissa Etheridge, 46, occasionally writes about motherhood on her blog. In a recent entry from this month, the 33-year-old actress talks about her body after pregnancy, her twins loving everyone and Johnnie Rose trying to potty train herself.

There’s a soft, mobile piece of my lower tummy skin that is a daily reminder of who carried their chubby lil butts for almost 9 months. It doesn’t seem to go away, even if I lose a pound or five. In fact, if I lose any more weight, the skin fold simply grows. Honey kisses it and reminds me of "the miracle of not just one life, but TWO lives" and "You’re a woman, a mother" and blah blah blah.

I’ll tell you what I am: a saggy muffin-top. Each day as I put my pants on one leg at a time, I spend a minute or five playing with my soft tummy skin. Do I roll it and tuck it into my pants, thereby creating the need for me to go shopping for bigger pants? Or do I simply wear my pants a little lower, letting my tummy hang as loose as horse balls, but never ever put on a t-shirt again that doesn’t allow for the extra room of my motherhood pooch?

I’ve been choosing the latter. But then when I get in the car, I go through it all over again: do I tuck the lap belt OVER the pooch? Or under the pooch? Or, straight across it, which gives a sort of "old man on the way to the pub" look.

Check out Tammy’s blog for the rest of her (at times hilarious) blog entry.

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