Tall readers or those with tall spouses: What's your favorite stroller?

CBB reader Erin emailed us last week to ask if we knew what strollers basketball players and other professional athletes use – because she needs one of what they’ve got! She writes, "I’m 6′ and hubby is 6’4" and we are expecting in July. We have just started looking into tall strollers -both travel systems and jogging strollers – and aren’t having any luck…SOMEONE has to have a solution to this problem!"

So we’re turning this over to our readers (tall or with tall spouses!) and asking what baby gear you found to be most comfortable – whether it was handle extenders, or that perfect stroller – what kept you from being hunched over? We’re looking for strollers in a variety of price ranges – anything from low to high end. Please comment!

I’m 5’9" and use a Maclaren Velo with the kids I nanny for. I’ve also heard good things about the height of the handle on the Stokke Xplory. What do you like?

Image via NFPA.org

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