Take the Sting Out of Shots with Buzzy

Buzzy not only lessens the sting of shots, but also works on everyday scrapes, bumps and bruises

While no parent enjoys it, needles are a fact of life for almost all children at some point — whether it’s to draw blood, an immunization or even for an IV. If you’re looking to lessen the pain — both emotional and physical — for everyone involved, consider Buzzy.

The battery-powered pain relief system is designed to take the sting out of shots, but it also works on everyday scrapes, bumps and bruises. By combining a vibrating bee with a removable, reusable gel cold pack that slides in to form wings, Buzzy distracts the nervous system from acute pain, so that your tot’s attention (and nerve endings) are focused elsewhere.

To get the desired effect, however, you’ll need to get your timing down. In the event of an immunization, begin numbing the area with the cold pack — which must be frozen — for at least 30 seconds prior to the shot. Then, as the shot is being administered, move Buzzy to a bony structure near the injection site, and switch it on. There are different procedures for different uses, including IVs, splinter removal, finger sticks and more, each of which are explained in detail on Buzzy4shots.com.

Buzzy is particularly beneficial for children with severe needle phobia, or those who have illnesses that require frequent needle exposure. Want to try it out? You can purchase the Buzzy bee unit ($35), or a deluxe kit ($55) complete with bee-stractor cards, an insulated tote bag to keep the cold pack frozen and white ice wings for longer procedures.

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