By peoplestaff225
Updated April 28, 2008 09:28 AM

At the itchy scratchy end of my last pregnancy I had a rather grumpy bump. Well moisturized but not exactly soothed. I had one last balm in my arsenal — the SweetSpice Bloomin’ Belly balm ($7.50).

This organic and handcrafted formula was unlike the oils I had tried. It comes in a soft solid form, about the consistency of lip gloss in a pot. The balm is concentrated and contains healing butters (Avocado, Mowrah, Hemp Seed , Aloe) and organic beeswax and lavender oil. It’s extremely luxurious feeling – not too greasy or heavy. And it stopped the itch on contact.

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I ended my pregnancy without a single new stretch mark. This initself is a near miracle, I think. I used a lot of products on my bellythroughout the pregnancy but this formula eased me through thehomestretch. Since I have had the baby I have kept the Bloomin’ Belly Balmin my bag. It works well on any dry skin in need of soothing and I havebeen known to use it on my cuticles, my elbows and even as a lip balm.It’s versatile stuff!

Now that Baby Leo is here and we are cloth diapering, I am especially glad to have found the SweetSpice Tiny Tushie Ointment($7.50). It is free of petroleum and chemicals which can mess with theabsorbency of your diapers, and soothes a diaper rash naturally withmany of the same gentle organic ingredients in the belly formula,

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