Swaddleaze: Get your zzzz's

In this sleep-obsessed culture of ours parents are constantly lookingfor innovative ways to get their wee ones to sleep just another hourlonger. Many new parents have turned to swaddling – both because itreduces the risk of SIDS and also because there is something about ababy being wrapped tightly in a blanket that automatically calms themdown.

Swaddleaze ($25), the original two-in-one wearable baby swaddler andsleep sack is a hit with sleep-deprived parents everywhere – includingcelebrity parents. What makes this product different than the countlessswaddlers that are already on the market? Well, for one, its two-in-onefeature is a big plus since there is no need to buy a separate sleepsack. It also zips up the front so you don’t have to undo the wholething in order to change diapers. But the best part in my opinion isthe softness of the fabric – I wish they made adult sized ones, theyare that soft!

We previously reported about Angela Basset’s love for swaddleaze. Theactress chose a periwinkle one for her son Slater and bright pink onefor his twin sister Bronwyn. Other celebrity mom fans of swaddleaze includeMelissa Joan Hart and Carrie Ann Inaba. Swaddleaze has also beengifted to Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and Brooke Shields.

For a list of retailers, check out www.2virtues.com.

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