Sutton Federline goes home: the details

According to Us Weekly, when Sutton Pierce left Cedars-Sinai at midnight on Thursday, September 14th, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline acted very much like non-celeb parents, with Britney sitting in a wheelchair holding Sutton and being pushed out to the car by Kevin. Apparently, Britney wore a beanie cap to keep a low profile, but besides that and the midnight exit, everything was quite normal.

The couple have been staying home and bonding -according to a source, "A lot of bonding went on. Sutton and Sean get along great!" The couple has had a busy time the past week and a half – Sutton was born on Tuesday, the hospital check out and Sean’s first on Thursday, and celebrating their two year wedding anniversary this past Monday.

Paparazzi photos seem to suggest that Britney had a lot of activity at her house Monday, so the assumption was that she has come home – but apparently she had already been home for four days!

Source: Us Weekly

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